Royal Collections Programme, as the Grouping or through its distinct business components, has organized numerous exhibitions in museums, cultural centres and art galleries throughout Spain. These exhibitions have presented the diverse collections of precious stones and gemstone artwork, as well as the Gaudí, Tapestries, and Mediterranean Sculpture collections.

Of these many exhibitions, one that stands out in particular is the large-scale and long-term event at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, which is considered to be one of the leading cultural centres of Europe.

Five-year exhibition in Valencia
Between 2000 and 2005, Royal Collections presented two unique collections of gems and art. The exhibition 200,000 Carats, (the exhibit was named by the museum director. There were, in fact, 103,064.99 carats.) was the largest exhibit of gemstones in Europe, and included astounding diamonds of every colour and stunning examples of emerald, opal, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, aquamarine, topaz, pearl, heliodorus, citrine, amethyst, garnet, hiddenite, kunzite and many more. Many of the displayed gems exceeded 1,000 carats, such as the Mina Gerais aquamarine, with 2,205 carats, the 8,200 carat Sol del Sur citrine, and the 4,100 carat Moçambique garnet.

Also in Valencia, the long-term exhibition of the Art Natura collection was organized, with its magnificent display of 205 carvings and sculptures in emerald, ruby, sapphire, jade, ivory, aquamarine and other gems from around the world.

Surveys among the millions of visitors to the museum confirmed the positive reviews, success and satisfaction with the collection exhibit. Among the comments, many visitors point to the invaluable esteem of the collection; its scientific and educational value for students, experts and the general public; the aesthetic value of the extraordinary beauty of the gems; and the social and cultural prestige brought to the city and museum by being able to present such an exclusive collection.

The profile of the exhibition’s visitors was very diverse in terms of nationality, age and profession. Tourists, students of all ages, and experts from the fields of gemology, geology and jewelry from Spain and beyond, as well as museum curators, art lovers and so on.


Exposicion Hemisferic Valencia Collections



Exposicion Hemisferic Valencia Collections

From left to right: President of the Valencian Parliament, Mrs. Marcela Miró, President of the Valencian Community, Mr. Eduardo Zaplana and the Mayor of Valencia, Mrs. Rita Barberá observing pieces from the Art Natura collection.


Exposicion Hemisferic Valencia Collections

Valencian dignitaries listen carefully as the Vice-President of Royal Collections provides details about the precious stones.