educational interest

Contemplating the world’s largest topaz, discovering a gem encrusted in a meteorite or being delighted by thousand-year old sculptures in precious stone is an enriching cultural experience for all audiences. 

However, the objective of RCP is not only to offer these amazing collections, but also to convert the experience into a process of discovery and learning that goes beyond passive observation. This dual experience of enjoyment and learning is the center of our exhibition philosophy, and always to the benefit of the city and country hosting the exhibition.

With the gem exhibits, for example, the precious stones are accompanied by information panels with educational content, such as gemological maps, uncut stones, laboratory material, polishing and cutting tools, etc. Together with the contents of these displays, abundant informative and educational materials in different language version and levels of specialization: posters for display cases, information panels, photographs, technical files, pamphlets, catalogues, etc. The visitor is thus able to discover numerous aspects about the world of gems, such as their formation, extraction, physical characteristics (hardness, optical effects, exfoliation...), cutting, authentication, differentiation between a natural gem, a synthetic gem and a false gem, and much much more.

The exhibitions will usually be different for each city or country, adapting to desired objectives (exclusivity, “glamour”, educational, etc.) Even thematic exhibits, accompanying the gemstones with oil paintings in which the subjects wear the gems on display, or including books, maps and other documents when the exhibition is designed to associate the precious stones with history, art, discovery, literature, religion, empires, etc.