Our collections allow for the creation of distinct exhibition programs that respond to the evolving cultural, tourism and leisure pursuits of the 21st century. The Exhibition Department of RCP offers exhibition centres a full array of unique advantages:

> Collections of the absolute highest level of international prestige, distinctive for their exclusivity, originality and spectacular pieces. Depending on its size and length, the exhibition can position the host city as an international reference point in the world of precious stones.

> Exhibitions designed to meet the desires of each centre, taking into consideration specific budgets, space, time frames, thematic preferences and visitor objectives.

> EExhibitions that are attractive to all audiences: students, families, experts, the general public, etc. The wide range of diverse visitors will also include foreign visitors, as the value and exclusivity of the exhibition attracts and promotes cultural tourism. 

> The pieces, together with its programs and educational materials, allow the exhibitor to provide and promote its role as an educational centre, by making these priceless collections available for academic observation and hands-on learning experiences.

> A high level of self-financing, with investment being generated from the opening, ticket sales, gift shop, cafeteria, etc., as well as sponsorship.

> A team of experts (gemologists, geologists and other scientists; art historians and documentalists; writers, experts in institutional communication; security consultants, etc.), to cover all aspects of the organization, management and promotion of the exhibitions.

> Guarantee of exclusivity and prestige, backed by 20 years of experience in cultural and tourism project management, as well as the reputation for excellence on both the RCP Board of Directors and the Advisory Council, which is organized to meet the precise needs of each particular project.