Art & Gems

Over 600 sculptures and carvings done in precious stones by artists and artisans from all five continents and all periods of history and culture.

Each piece is crafted in the most noble and valuable materials Nature provides: precious stones, (emeralds, rubies, sapphires, aquamarines...), and other gems (jade, lapis lazuli, turquoise ...), and organic gems, (ivory, amber, coral), or even such unusual items as a meteorite. It is an artistic and historical treasure covering over 700,000 grams of natural gems and 115,000 carats of precious gems.

It is also a fascinating journey through the world of art in various historical settings: classical Europe, ancient Egypt, Persia, Russia, pre-Columbian Mexico, China , India, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia and South Africa among others. Some of the most ancient pieces, such as a small anthropomorphic figure from the Olmec period (1200-700 BC) and a double carved jade censer from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-221 AD), highlight the collection. For its amazing size and value, the sculpture entitled Sensuality is most notable: a recumbent women on a rock, sculpted in 5,087 carats of aquamarine. Also outstanding is the Composition of Frogs, in 7,600 carats of emerald.

Visitors can also admire secular and religious sculptures, (a jade Buddha, a citrine and turquoise Ghanesha, Sarasvati in corundum ), jewelry (emerald and jade pendants with diamonds, rubies and sapphires) and religious objects (censers, beggars). Also, military utensils, furniture and household goods: perfume bottles, tableware, pens, letter openers, jewelry boxes and so on.