Treasures of Gaudi

This exclusive collection presents, for the first time, a number of original works by Catalonian artist and architectural genius Antoni Gaudí, as well as details of his architectural work, sculptures and ironwork reproduced in gold, silver and precious stone. The collection brings together 15 works by Gaudí in precious metals and gems such as emeralds, aquamarines, sapphires, garnets, amethysts and diamonds of different colors. It is the result of an extensive study of Gaudí’s work led by leading experts on the life and work of this world-renowned genius. Only with the support of the Chair of the Gaudí Department at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona and the direct participation of its director, Mr Joan Bassegoda Nonell, was RCP able to realize this artistic achievement. The result, according to the reviews, is “a milestone in the study of Gaudí.”

Seven of the pieces are never before seen works in paper and plaster. The artist was never able to cast the sculptures, but his designs have been preserved in various collections, (Museo Comarcal de Reus, Museo y Archivo de la Real Cátedra Gaudí), and rights to the pieces were obtained in order to finish the process. Together with these original works, the collection contains 8 artisanal recreations, reproducing elements of the architectural and sculptural work of the artist, selected to provide a more complete vision of Gaudi’s work.