Gemologics Tapestries

An awe-inspiring collection of highly decorative embroidered tapestries that employ gold, silver and silk threads, with encrusted gems.

The 32 tapestries in this collection are an exquisite works of perfection and skill, created in distinct eras and regions of Asia and the Middle East. Each has been hand crafted with gold, silver and silk thread and encrusted with diamonds, emeralds, tourmalines, rubies, topazes and pearls. In all, the tapestries include more than 30,000 gems that exceed 80,000 carats.

The tapestries reflect various themes, from abstract compositions to architectural renderings or natural settings. The sizes vary as well. The largest, from Rajastán (India), has 4,463 precious gems and measures 275 x 185 cm, while the smallest measures 60 x 45 cm and has 78 encrusted gems.

Each piece is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind creation, as its embroidery, patient and anonymous, reveals an intricate technique and artistry of extraordinary detail, imagination and sensitivity, which only adds to its obvious material value. Furthermore, their fine sense of colour, delicate rendering and attention to detail ensure a perfect blending of the Persian and Islamic influences with the Hindu tradition and European imagination.