Sumptuary sculture

A select collection of works by the great Spanish sculptors made in gold, silver and precious stones.

This collection gathers over thirty pieces from Spanish sculptors of international renown who convey their artistic vision not only through shape, but through their materials as well; gold, silver and gems. The sculptures thus combine the art of nature and man in a comprehensive process of creation.

The collection includes major works from timeless artists such as P. Picasso, S. Dalí, Julio González, M. Benlliure and M. Hugué. Other artists include influential contemporary sculptors like Eduardo Arroyo, Martín Chirino, JM ª Subiracs, Pablo Serrano, Villelia, D. Fita, J. Edo Esteve, Manuel Alvarez Carillo, Subirà Puig, Monsó Torres, Alfonso, De Soto, Cabanyes, Angles, Pladevall, E. Xargay, Costa and Anson. This collection is continuously expanding with the incorporation of new artists, such as the latest works by Carmen Calvo and Esther Pizarro.

The sculptures reflect a rich variety of styles, themes and materials. The sculptors make use of the expressive potential of gold and silver to its full extent and apply a wide range of treatments together with the combinations of light, tone and texture: shiny, dull, weathered, aged etc. The touch of colour and beauty is provided by cut gems, such as citrine, amethyst, sapphire, tourmaline or topaz.