Milestones Gems

This collection showcases 30 gems of extraordinary size and quality. These one-of-a-kind gems are true miracles of Nature, with dazzling beauty and amazing size. Many of these gems are catalogued as the world's largest in their group.

Aquamarine "Reina Sofia", emerald cut, 2,205 carats
Aquamarine "Ceu de Primavera", emerald cut, 1,129 carats
Citrine (nameless), oval cut, 20,100 carats
Citrine "Soledade", emerald cut, 6,705 carats
Rutilated Citrine "Cahimbó", oval cut, 3,095 carats
Diamond "Gris", round cut, 103.47 carats
Diamond "Green", round cut, 32.80 carats
Emerald "El Corazón Verde", heart cut, 456.50 carats
Emerald "Agra", Hindu cut, 350 carats
Emerald "Jaipur", Hindu cut, 301 carats
Garnet "Giant", ball form, 8,175 carats
Garnet "Moçambique", ball form, 4,100 carats
Hiddenite "Bello Horizonte", rectangular cut, 1,875 carats
Kunzite "Araçuaí", oval cut, 1,490 carats
Fire Opal, fancy cut, 633 carats
White Opal, fancy cut, 522 carats
Ruby "Star of Jaipur", cabochon, 4,185 carats
Ruby "Burma", cabochon, 124.50 carats
Imperial topaz “Eldorado”, emerald cut, 31,000 carats
Colorless Topaz "Lua de Maraba", octagonal cut, 25,250 carats
Blue Topaz (nameless), old cut, 12,750 carats
Noble Topaz "Amarelo", drop cut, 9,600 carats
Blue Topaz "Marbella", oval cut, 8,225 carats
Tourmaline "Jardín", rectangular cut, 536.50 carats
Tourmaline "Primavera", rectangular cut, 360.60 carats
Sapphire "Star", cabochon, 243.50 carats
Selection of Colour Sapphire, fancy cut, 250 carats