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Royal Collections Programme EEIG (RCP)

RCP is a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) dedicated to the creation of extensive collections of unparalleled scientific and artistic value, as well as the promotion of these collections through temporary and permanent exhibitions.

The collections are made available to exhibition centres interested in offering visitors original and exclusive works of art, while encouraging and promoting cultural tourism in the area. The collections are available for short, medium or long term exhibitions.

Highlights of Royal Collections holdings include: the greatest collection of precious stones in the world; sculptures in gold, silver and gemstone by the great Spanish masters Picasso, Dali and Benlliure; never before seen works by Antoni Gaudi; works by contemporary artists such as Eduardo Arroyo and Martín Chirino. All these items, together with exhibit information and educational materials, have been shown in major museums and cultural centres around the world. Royal Collections also has available minerals and fossils of great scientific interest.

coleccion piedras preciosas